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Saturday, 13 April 2013

5 Dahlia  (Chain Stories 2013)

            Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Princess Diana. She loves to sing. She also loves to help people especially the poor. She has the heart of gold. She lives in a big castle with her parents who are the King and Queen of the kingdom. Princess Diana has never gone out of the castle before as her parents were scared the outside was too dangerous for her. All those years, she was kept entirely in the castle only.
              One fine day, Princess Diana was looking out of the window from the castle. "Oh, how I wish I could go out and see what is outside the castle," she exclaimed. Suddenly, she saw a bird perching on the window. "Hello there, little birdie. How beautiful you are," said Princess Diana. "How I wish I'm like you, to be able to fly freely". All of a sudden, the bird opened its beak and said," Hi there, Princess, Nice to meet you. I'll be able to help you to venture outside, if you like to," said the bird. "Oh, thank you. What should I do?" asked the Princess. "All right, you need to come out and go to the garden. I'll wait for you there!" cried the bird.
            With that, Princess Diana quickly rushed out of the castle and ran to the garden . Sure enough, she saw the bird sitting on a tree branch, was waiting for her. The bird told her to follow him. Princess Diana followed the bird until to a town. Suddenly, the bird was nowhere to be seen. Princess Diana was all alone in the town. She could see

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