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Saturday, 13 April 2013

5 Dahlia  (Chain Stories 2013)

            Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess named Princess Diana. She loves to sing. She also loves to help people especially the poor. She has the heart of gold. She lives in a big castle with her parents who are the King and Queen of the kingdom. Princess Diana has never gone out of the castle before as her parents were scared the outside was too dangerous for her. All those years, she was kept entirely in the castle only.
              One fine day, Princess Diana was looking out of the window from the castle. "Oh, how I wish I could go out and see what is outside the castle," she exclaimed. Suddenly, she saw a bird perching on the window. "Hello there, little birdie. How beautiful you are," said Princess Diana. "How I wish I'm like you, to be able to fly freely". All of a sudden, the bird opened its beak and said," Hi there, Princess, Nice to meet you. I'll be able to help you to venture outside, if you like to," said the bird. "Oh, thank you. What should I do?" asked the Princess. "All right, you need to come out and go to the garden. I'll wait for you there!" cried the bird.
            With that, Princess Diana quickly rushed out of the castle and ran to the garden . Sure enough, she saw the bird sitting on a tree branch, was waiting for her. The bird told her to follow him. Princess Diana followed the bird until to a town. Suddenly, the bird was nowhere to be seen. Princess Diana was all alone in the town. She could see

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

5 Cempaka (Chain Stories 2013)

           Once upon a time, deep in the woods stood a white creepy old house. People said that the house
which is called ........ 'THE MANSION' is haunted!!!. Nonsense! I didn't believe the story until ..................
           One morning, my friends, Anne, Minty, Felicity and I went for a walk in the woods. Out of curiosity,
I suggested that we venture deep into the woods.
           "Are you crazy?" shrieked Minty. "There's no way I'm going in there!" chirped in Anne. I'm going
home!" cried Felicity, the scaredy-cat of the group. I shook my head, looking at Felicity.
           "Come on, just a peep," I piped. "Oh, all right," sulked Felicity.
           "Fine! Just a peep and that's it!" cried Anne and Minty.
Just then, Felicity started crying like a baby.
            "FELICITY!!! Stop that, you cry-baby! shouted the three of us.Felicity sat down, sulking away.
            "Fine," mumbled Felicity.
           Then, we started our way into the woods. Deeper and deeper we went.By now, it's already
late morning. Time seemed to tick by very fast.
             "Where's  the house? How come we're not getting to it?" I wondered . On and on we walked,
with sweating bodies, till we came to the house. "At last!" we shouted. We stared at the house in disbelief.
             "Wow! What a creepy old house!" cried Anne. The house was white, with creepy plants climbing
 all over. "It must have been a long time since anyone lived here," I wondered. We walked right up to the house. Felicity was clinging on tightly to Minty, shivering in fear. I was the first at the door. I reached for the doorknob but before I could do so, the door suddenly opened by itself, making a creaky sound..
              We walked straight in, with Felicity clinging on tightly to me. "I'm really scared," wailed Felicity.
"Let's get out of here, it's really creepy!" exclaimed Minty. We walked around the house looking around.
It was rather dark and gloomy with cobwebs hanging everywhere. Luckily we brought along a torchlight.
We could see a few big portraits hanging on the wall. Their eyes were as if staring at us. Suddenly, Felicity tripped over something and fell down. Anne helped her up and I shone the light to whatever that tripped Felicity. To our horror, we saw a hand's bone! All of us screamed our lungs out!
As fast as lightning, we ran up the winding stairs, without stopping to look behind.
              "Wow! Look at all these rooms. How many are there? Look at this one, it's even bigger than
my living room!" exclaimed Minty. While looking at the room, I could sense something eerie about it. Suddenly, I could feel something walked passed behind me. I turned around but there was no one.
              "What's wrong?" Minty asked. "Oh, nothing," I answered, saying nothing so as not to frighten
them, especially Felicity. They continued on exploring  a few more rooms. "I think it's better we get out of here before something bad happen to us!" cried Anne. "Yeah, let's go," yelled Felicity. "No, don't go yet. I think I saw something".  

Thursday, 21 March 2013

6 Teratai (Chain Stories 2013)

                  Once upon a time, there lived a couple in a castle. The couples' names are "Princess Fiona" and "Prince Shrek". Suddenly, the prince change into an ogre. It was green in colour and was very ugly. The people were shocked to see the ogre. The ogre was very sad. He sat down crying. All the people laughed at him. There was sadness on his face. He then went and asked his wife.
               "Why am I so ugly? Who changed me into this ugly green ogre?" cried the ogre.
His wife did not know what to say. She sat down thinking of a way to help his husband.
                "Don't worry. I'll think of a way," said his wife.
Then, she went out to the town to ask the people how to change her husband back into human again. She walked everywhere asking people until she came to an old hut on top 
of a hill. She walked up to the hut and knocked on the door.
                 "Knock! Knock! Knock!" She waited at the door. Suddenly,

5 Melati (Chain Stories 2013)

                Once upon a time, there lived a princess who named Diamond. She wore a diamond crown which had power. Her gown was stitched with rich silk material and there were small diamonds in her gown. The necklace, bangles and her shoes were stud with diamonds. Her room and all the things were stud with different colours of diamonds. She was very pretty and always smiling.

                Diamond was kind and cheerful to everyone. She helped everyone and even her father, the king would ask the princess for ideas and even discussed his political views with her. Everyone liked her very much except

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Tahniah kepada pasukan tarian SK Perempuan Methodist Ipoh kerana berjaya mendapat tempat ke-2 dalam Pertandingan Tarian Daerah Kinta Utara

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sarapan Berkhasiat bersama KOKO KRUNCH!

Tarikh: 5/4/12
Masa: 11 pm

Hari ini pihak Koko Krunch telah berkunjung ke MGS untuk memberi koko krunch percuma kepada setiap pelajar tahap 1 dan 2. Objektif kunjungan mereka ialah untuk memberi bijirin berkhasiat agar pelajar dapat menikmati sarapan bersama koko krunch kegemaran mereka. Kami berharap agar pihak Koko Krunch sudi berkunjung ke MGS lai pada masa akan datang!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Be Healthy With VITAGEN!

Tarikh: 4/4/12
Masa: 12:15 pm
Tempat: Dewan Terbuka MGS
Aktiviti: Program "Perut Sihat" bersama VITAGEN

Pada hari ini,pihak VITAGEN telah sudi berkunjung ke MGS untuk menganjurkan kempen terbaru mereka iaitu"Perut Sihat"bersama VITAGEN! Antara aktiviti yang telah dijalankan ialah seperti kuiz kesihatan dan sebagainya. Di samping itu, pihak VITAGEN dengan bermurah hatinya telah menghadiahi setiap pelajar dengan sebotol air minuman kultur VITAGEN! Kami beharap agar pihak VITAGEN sudi berkunjng ke MGS lagi pada masa akan datang!

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