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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

5 Cempaka (Chain Stories 2013)

           Once upon a time, deep in the woods stood a white creepy old house. People said that the house
which is called ........ 'THE MANSION' is haunted!!!. Nonsense! I didn't believe the story until ..................
           One morning, my friends, Anne, Minty, Felicity and I went for a walk in the woods. Out of curiosity,
I suggested that we venture deep into the woods.
           "Are you crazy?" shrieked Minty. "There's no way I'm going in there!" chirped in Anne. I'm going
home!" cried Felicity, the scaredy-cat of the group. I shook my head, looking at Felicity.
           "Come on, just a peep," I piped. "Oh, all right," sulked Felicity.
           "Fine! Just a peep and that's it!" cried Anne and Minty.
Just then, Felicity started crying like a baby.
            "FELICITY!!! Stop that, you cry-baby! shouted the three of us.Felicity sat down, sulking away.
            "Fine," mumbled Felicity.
           Then, we started our way into the woods. Deeper and deeper we went.By now, it's already
late morning. Time seemed to tick by very fast.
             "Where's  the house? How come we're not getting to it?" I wondered . On and on we walked,
with sweating bodies, till we came to the house. "At last!" we shouted. We stared at the house in disbelief.
             "Wow! What a creepy old house!" cried Anne. The house was white, with creepy plants climbing
 all over. "It must have been a long time since anyone lived here," I wondered. We walked right up to the house. Felicity was clinging on tightly to Minty, shivering in fear. I was the first at the door. I reached for the doorknob but before I could do so, the door suddenly opened by itself, making a creaky sound..
              We walked straight in, with Felicity clinging on tightly to me. "I'm really scared," wailed Felicity.
"Let's get out of here, it's really creepy!" exclaimed Minty. We walked around the house looking around.
It was rather dark and gloomy with cobwebs hanging everywhere. Luckily we brought along a torchlight.
We could see a few big portraits hanging on the wall. Their eyes were as if staring at us. Suddenly, Felicity tripped over something and fell down. Anne helped her up and I shone the light to whatever that tripped Felicity. To our horror, we saw a hand's bone! All of us screamed our lungs out!
As fast as lightning, we ran up the winding stairs, without stopping to look behind.
              "Wow! Look at all these rooms. How many are there? Look at this one, it's even bigger than
my living room!" exclaimed Minty. While looking at the room, I could sense something eerie about it. Suddenly, I could feel something walked passed behind me. I turned around but there was no one.
              "What's wrong?" Minty asked. "Oh, nothing," I answered, saying nothing so as not to frighten
them, especially Felicity. They continued on exploring  a few more rooms. "I think it's better we get out of here before something bad happen to us!" cried Anne. "Yeah, let's go," yelled Felicity. "No, don't go yet. I think I saw something".  

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